In-App Guidance in Summer ’19


We can add the “In-App Guidance” prompt in our Salesforce Org. Currently, this feature is introduced as “Beta” in Summer’19 release. “In-App Guidance” prompt will be very useful for Training, Onboarding, Introducing new features, Configuration changes, and News. The best thing is that we don’t need to code to create In-App Guidance, just use clicks and create your own In-App guidance, write your own contents and includes action buttons and important links in the prompt.

We can choose the target audiences and where the prompts appear and how long it appears to the users.

Go To Setup in Lightning Experience | search In-App Guidance in the quick find box | Click on “In-App Guidance” | Click on “Add Prompt”.


Click on “Open Authoring Bar”.


Click on “Add Prompt”.


Choose Type: Floating Prompt, Docked Prompt


Permission: Choose if everyone or just those with specific user permissions will see the prompt.


Add the content and enable action button.


Schedule: Choose a date range for the prompt to appear and then decide if the prompt appears once or repeat.





Reference: Summer ’19 Release Notes



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