Row-Level Formulas In Reports

Evaluate Each Record in Reports with Row-Level Formulas.


You may have created the formula field on the object to get data in the report. But, now from Summer ‘19, we have row-level formulas in Salesforce.

Row-level formulas enable us to create custom formulas to display in the report within the Salesforce report builder. That means we can quickly use the various formula like – Days to close, No of days since record created, etc. in our opportunity/object report without creating new fields on the object. This is a very productive win for admins, they can easily play with the data right within the report builder and display what we need without any extra configuration.

This is a beta feature, so there is some limitation mentioned in the summer ’19 release note.

To use “Row-Level Formulas” you need to enable it in Setup under report and dashboard settings.


Go To | Report Tab| Open report | Click on the icon shown in the screenshot | Select Add Row-Level Formula (Beta)


Enter Column Name | Description | Choose Formula Output Type | Choose Decimal Point | Add formula | and click on Apply.




Save and Run the report.

Now you can see the formula column in your report. Isn’t this super easy? 🙂  You can add different formula column in your report according to your business need.



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