Integrate third-party applications via Canvas App

Integrate third-party applications via Canvas App. Canvas makes it simple to integrate a third-party application into Salesforce. Canvas is a set of tools and JavaScript APIs for exposing an application as a canvas app. This means you can incorporate new or existing third-party applications into your Salesforce org and make them available to your users.


LWC | Call External APIs from JavaScript

The Lightning Component framework uses Content Security Policy (CSP), a W3C standard, to control and restrict content loaded on a page to prevent cross-site scripting and other code injection attacks. The default CSP policy does not allow API calls from JavaScript code. To make API calls, a remote site needs to be added as a CSP Trusted Site in the Salesforce org. The article also provides a step-by-step guide to add a CSP trusted site and make an API call from JavaScript code successfully.


Create Custom Profiles from Scratch via the SOAP API | SoapUI Tutorial

This article guides users on creating a custom profile from scratch using SOAP API, highlighting the Salesforce Winter '22 Release that allows this process. It provides a step-by-step tutorial on using the SOAP UI tool to connect Salesforce org and perform operations, including retrieving, inserting, updating, and deleting records. The piece also offers download and installation instructions for the SOAP UI application.


COVID-19 Tracker App

A COVID-19 tracking app for India on Salesforce, leveraging lightning components, Apex classes, and a VisualForce page. It uses APIs from and NewsAPI, along with the ChartJS library for visual data representation. Source codes and set-up instructions are provided.


Translate Chatter Feed | Text Translation API

Arun Kumar explains the use of Yandex Translate Text API for translating text content in different languages. This free API blends neural network and statistical approaches for machine translation. The post gives details about the API Request syntax, the query parameters, and showcases example code for translating 'chatter feed'.


Salesforce ~ Microsoft Dynamic CRM Integration Part 2

The post discusses integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM. It details how to fetch opportunities from MS Dynamic CRM to Salesforce by passing an AccessToken to the getOpportunitiesFromMSDynamic() method. The response, in JSON format, can be parsed to suit the user's needs and applied to Salesforce objects.

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Salesforce ~ Microsoft Dynamic CRM Integration Part 1

"Microsoft Dynamics 365" is an Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solution by Microsoft. It includes different application-based solutions. This article outlines steps to integrate a third-party Application Programming Interface with Dynamics 365 for development and data retrieval purposes, using Salesforce APEX code for authentication and access token acquisition.

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Integrate Salesforce using MailChimp webhook

The post provides a step-by-step guide on using the 'MailChimp for Salesforce' app to synchronize changes on MailChimp with Salesforce. This is achieved through setting up a webhook in MailChimp that communicates change events to a Salesforce public site URL. Changes like unsubscribe, resubscribe, or email updates on MailChimp reflect immediately on relevant Salesforce records.