1. What is the difference b/w Public group and Queues?
Ans ~

Public Group:

If you want to share some information in your organization among some users, so we make public Group. The Public Group is the group of some selected users, then we can share information or we assign some work to the group.

e.g – We can send an email alert to a public group.


Queues are used when you want to assign a record to a bunch of users. With the help of queues, you can assign a record to multiple users (using queues) so that any member of the queue can work on the record.

e.g – Assign record (Change owner) to queue.

2. How to store dynamic Record URL In Formula Field?

Ans ~

If we need the record URL in formula field we can use the formula given below. This URL will be dynamic based on the salesforce orgs (sandbox, Production).

LEFT($Api.Partner_Server_URL_260, FIND( ‘/services’, $Api.Partner_Server_URL_260))+ Id

3. How to identify object name based on Salesforce record id ?

Ans – We can know the object name based on the record id. getsObjectType() method tells us the object name.

Id sampleRecId = ‘0012x000003dKqg’;

System.debug(‘Object Name = ‘+ sampleRecId.getsobjecttype());