Enhanced Related Lists in Lightning Experience


One of the primary goals of the admin is to make the system easy so, that users can get their work done fast. For this, you need to reduce the clicks and get them all the information they needed in a fast and easy way.


If you see the Salesforce classic related list it provides a rich data view than the Lightning experience default(Tile) related list.


The “Enhanced Related Lists” in the Summer ’19 going to save the time of users, related list in this release is more powerful, this will allow displaying more data and fewer clicks. Using lightning app builder you can add new “Enhanced Related List” standard component to any record page.


Enhanced Related Lists Features:

  • You can set how many records you want to display in the related list table.
  • Enable wrap text in the column.
  • Resizable column so that you can see all the data in a row.
  • Now, you can also filter the related list based on the different filter criteria.
  • Show/Hide action bar.

Steps to add Enhanced related list in lightning experience:

1. Go To | Record detail page | Click on setup | Edit Page


2. Drag the related list from the left sidebar in Related tab.


3. Now change the Related List Type to “Enhanced List”.


Now you can see the Enhanced list in the page. You can change the number of records display and can show/hide the action bar on the list.

6 Save and Activate the page.

Output: You can resize the column, wrap and clip the texts of the column.


Click on View All and then apply the filter (shown below).


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    • Hello Sudipti,

      Yes, we can change the number of records to display in the Enhanced List. We can view 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 records in the enhanced related list. You need to put the value in the “Number of Records to Display” setting.


  1. Hi Arun.

    Thank you for this blog, very helpful. I wonder I tap into our expertise.

    I have been tasked to update all the Related List to ‘Enhanced Related List’. In my company we have many Objects and many Lightning Pages. Do you know of any approaches on how I can mass update to Enhanced Related List them as rather than updating one page at a time?

    I am investigating how to do this via VS Code by retrieving and possibly updating the relevant meta data. So far I can see metadata component for Page Layout, but not Lightning Record Pages.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    • You can add or remove the column from the parent object layout.

      For example, go to Account layout and click on the wrench icon for the Contacts-related list and add/remove the column as per your choice.


  2. Is it possible to remove the original related list and display the enhanced version only? In your example this would be the small “Contacts(3)” related list that appears in the right hand sidebar.


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