On-Screen Celebrations When Path Users Reach Sales Milestones.


In summer ’19 salesforce admin/users will experience an awesome feature called “Salesforce Celebration” in lightning experience. Sales rep work hard to close the deal after the deal closed should have some sort of celebration right? So now you can use “Salesforce Celebration” to add confetti on the user screen when they change that opportunity stage using path.

Salesforce admin has the full control of how often the user will see the confetti and what triggers it within the path on the object.

To set up this awesome fun feature follow the steps below:

1. Go to Setup | Path | Path Setting | New Path


2. Fields and Text


3. Enable on-screen confetti, chose picklist value as “Closed Won” and Celebration Frequency.


Celebration Frequency – If average users reach celebration value more often set celebration to occur less often. A lower frequency increases the element of surprise and makes the confetti toss more fun for your users.

Now go to opportunity record and change the stage from path to “closed won”, Confetti will show on the screen. Celebrate!  😀




Summer ’19 release note: