Summer ’19 Notification Builder



In summer ’19 release we will have the ‘Notification Builder’ features, this is a really needed feature I would say. Previously there is a workaround like using chatter group to notify the users about any change in the record.

But, now we can create our own custom in-app notification and use process builder to configure when those notification gets triggered.  We can also customize the notification message as per our need and can also use the merge field.

Let’s try it.

1. Go to Setup | Notification Builder | Notification Types. Select Create New. Enter the notification name and check both desktop and mobile.


2. Go to Setup | Process Builder | Create new | Enter name and description | Save

Select Object as – Opportunity


3. Add Criteria


4. Add Action ( Custom Notification)


Activate the process builder.

Wow! Congrats! You have created your own custom in-app notification.

Now get ready to receive the notification when the opportunity stage changes to closed won. Every member of the group will receive the custom notification.





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