Update Bulk Records with Mass Quick Action Button

A mass quick action is a quick action that we can add to the search layout of an object. After creating a mass quick action, we can perform mass updates on up to 100 records in a list view.

A mass quick action can be used with cases, leads, accounts, campaigns, contacts, opportunities, work orders, and custom objects in Lightning Experience that support quick actions and have a search layout.

⚠️ Recently Viewed list does not support mass quick actions.



Create Quick Action

1. From Setup, click the Object Manager tab.

2. Search and select the Opportunity object.

3. Click on Button, Links, and Actions

4. Click on the New Action button

5. Enter Action Information

  • Select “Update a Record” in Action Type
  • Enter action label and name
  • Enter description
  • Enter success message
  • Click on the Save button

6. After saving you will see the Action layout, add the fields that you want users to update.

7. Click on Save.

↠ To set up mass quick actions

Click on the List View Button Layout

Select Update Stage quick action in the List View Action in the Lightning Experience field.

Click on Save.

Great! 🎉 you have completed all of the configurations.

⚠️ If you choose multiple records with different record types, you will be unable to update them and will receive the message shown below.


🌿 Mass Quick Action Considerations

🔵 Mass quick actions are only available in Lightning Experience apps, including those with standard and console navigation.

🔵 There are no mass quick actions available in Experience Cloud sites, notes, or users.

🔵 You can’t use the Tooling API, AppExchange, and Changesets to add mass quick actions to an object’s search layout.

🔵 If you want to set up predefined field values for quick action, do not include those fields on the quick action’s layout.
If a predefined field value is included in the quick action’s layout, it is only updated if the user manually selects it. If a predefined field value is not included in the quick action’s layout, the predefined value is updated but the user is not notified of the change. The “Fields to update” section only contains predefined field values specified in the layout.

🔵 Only the fields that you manually modify are changed when you use a mass quick action. Some fields have a default value, but changes aren’t made unless you select them manually. The “Fields to update” section displays the modifications you’re making.

🔵 You cannot reverse changes made by a mass quick action.

🔵 The logic for mass actions in the split view is the same as for mass actions in the table view.

🔵 The “Fields to update” section is not displayed if you use a mass quick action on only one record.


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I with over 7+ years of experience working on the Salesforce platform. He specializes in developing custom applications, integrations, and reports to help customers streamline their business processes. Arun is passionate about helping businesses leverage the power of Salesforce to achieve their goals.

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  1. dummy

    I think this won’t work if you have different Record types. Is that correct ?

    1. Arun Kumar

      Yes, you are right. Multiple records with different record types cannot be updated at once.

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