Salesforce Themes and Branding

Brand your Salesforce org in Lightning Experience.

We can customize themes & brands in the Salesforce org with the “Themes and Branding” features. We can use salesforce built-in themes or we can create our own custom themes with just a few clicks.

Go To | Setup | Search ‘theme’ in the quick search box, then select “Themes and Branding”.


We can preview/activate the salesforce built-in themes. OR we can create our own custom theme.


Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I with over 7+ years of experience working on the Salesforce platform. He specializes in developing custom applications, integrations, and reports to help customers streamline their business processes. Arun is passionate about helping businesses leverage the power of Salesforce to achieve their goals.

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  1. Jerry

    Arun, how do you apply a Theme to just a single App & Profile?
    – for example, I have two apps
    – need a blue background for App1 (Profile = Sales)
    – need a red background for App2 (Profile = Carrier

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