Sort wrapper class list in Apex

Sort wrapper list based on selected records.

Visualforce page:

 <apex:page showHeader="false" controller="WrapperListSortCntrl" >  
     <apex:slds />  
     <apex:form >  
My Product
<table class="slds-table slds-table--bordered"> <thead> <tr> <th> Select</th> <th> Name </th> <th> Product Family </th> <th> Description</th> <th> Active</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <apex:repeat value="{!ProductList}" var="p"> <tr> <td><apex:inputcheckbox value="{!p.selectcheck }" styleClass="slds-checkbox"/></td> <td>{!p.prd.Name}</td> <td>{!p.prd.Family}</td> <td>{!p.prd.Description}</td> <td>{!p.prd.IsActive}</td> </tr> </apex:repeat> </tbody> </table> </apex:form> </body> </html> </apex:page>

Apex Class:

 /* Name: WrapperListSortCntrl  
   Description: Wrapper List Sort  
   Created Date: 20/03/2019  
   LastModified Date: 20/03/2019  
   Created By: Arun Kumar  
 public class WrapperListSortCntrl{  
   public List<WrapperCls> ProductList{get;set;}  
   public WrapperListSortCntrl(){  
     ProductList = new List<WrapperCls>();  
   public void fetchProducts(){  
     for(Product2 p:[select id,Name,Family,Description,IsActive from Product2]){  
       Boolean check = false;  
         check = true;  
       ProductList.add( new WrapperCls(check, p));   
     system.debug('ProductList: '+ProductList);  
     ProductList.sort(); // this Wrapper list will be sort according to checkbox selected (isActive =true)  
   //Wrapper cls implements Comparable Interface  
   public class WrapperCls implements Comparable { //Adds sorting support for Lists that contain non-primitive types, that is, Lists of user-defined types.  
     public Boolean selectcheck {get;set;}    
     public Product2 prd{get;set;}    
     public WrapperCls(Boolean selectcheck, Product2 prd){  
       this.selectcheck = selectcheck ;  
       this.prd = prd;  
     public Integer compareTo(Object ObjectToCompare) { //Returns an Integer value that is the result of the comparison.  
       WrapperCls compareToWrapperCls = (WrapperCls)ObjectToCompare;  
       if (compareToWrapperCls.selectcheck )   
         return 1;  
         return 0;  


Comparable Interface:

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