Material Designed DataTable In Visualforce Page.

Q. What is material design?

Ans:- Material design is a design technique/language. It uses a grid-based layout, responsive animation, and transition, padding, depth effects show as lightning and shadow. It is designed to optimize user experience with natural motions, 3D effects, and realistic lighting.

DataTable: It is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It will add features like fast search in the table, paginations, column sorting, etc with the minimum code.

In this example code, I have used DataTable (Jquery plug-in javascript library) in the visualforce page. Find the full code below.

 <apex:page controller="DatatableCntrl" sidebar="false">  
   <apex:includescript value=""/>  
   <apex:includescript value=""/>  
   <apex:includescript value=""/>  
   <apex:stylesheet value=""/>  
   <apex:stylesheet value=""/>  
   j$ = jQuery.noConflict();  
   j$(document).ready( function () {  
     var accTable = j$('[id$="accTable"]').DataTable({  //datatable 
        columnDefs: [  
       targets: [ 0, 1, 2 ],  
       className: 'mdl-data-table__cell--non-numeric'  
     div.dataTables_wrapper div.dataTables_filter {  
     text-align: right;  
     margin-right: 2%;  
     /* border-radius: 2px; */  
     /* height: 51px; */  
   <table id="accTable" class="mdl-data-table" style="width:100%">  
         <th>Billing State</th>  
       <apex:repeat value="{!accList}" var="acc">  
           <td>{!acc.Website }</td>  
 public class DatatableCntrl{  
   public List<Account> accList {get; set;}  
   public DatatableCntrl(){  
     accList = [SELECT Name, BillingState,Website FROM Account where BillingState!='' and Website !='' order by name ];  


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