Set Field-Level Security on Permission Sets Rather Than Profiles During Field Creation

Winter’23 update: When you create a field on an object, you can now set field-level security on permission sets rather than profiles. This feature is also available when you enable field-level security or change a field type.

In User Management Settings, enable Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation (beta).

When you create a field or change its type, a list of permission sets appears instead of profiles for field-level security.

The list includes permission sets that have Create, Read, Edit, or Delete access on the field’s object. If no permission sets have that access to the field’s object, the list contains all the permission sets. If you must assign field-level security to profiles, turn off Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation (beta) in User Management Settings.

Field creation: Field-Level Security for Permission Set

Permission set option at the field creation

Set Field Level Security: Field-Level Security for Permission Set

This feature is currently in Beta Service.

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