It’s often a complex task to monitor the permissions encompassed within a permission set. To simplify the management of user access and permissions, Salesforce introduced a beta feature (Winter’24 release note) that allows you to conveniently view all enabled object, user, and field permissions on a single page. This enhancement significantly reduces the need for multiple clicks. Moreover, you can quickly identify the permission set’s association with specific permission set groups.

All these details are conveniently accessible on a single page.

  1. Permission Set Groups Added To
  2. Permissions Enabled in This Permission Set
    • App and system permissions
  3. Object Permissions
  4. Field Permissions ( view all object fields FLS assigned to this PS): Field permissions are nested within the object; you can expand it to reveal the Field-Level Security (FLS) settings associated with the object.

Likewise, the ‘View Summary’ button is also present on the detail page of the Permission Set Group.

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