You have been given the responsibility as a Salesforce administrator to customize the loading icon for a Salesforce lightning app.

Yes, you can change the lightning experience loading icon to suit your preferences.


↠ Goto Setup > Search ‘Theme‘ in the quick find box and then click on the Themes and Branding

↠ Click on the New Theme button

↠ Enter theme name and description

↠ Upload brand image ( 600 width X 120 height pixels)

↠ Check the checkbox: Use brand image on Lightning Experience loading page

↠ Choose your brand color

↠ Click on the Save button

The Activate and Preview buttons will turn on once you click the Save button.

↠ Click on the preview button to see the preview of your branding.

↠ When you are satisfied with the way your branding has turned out, click the Activate button to make it live.

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